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Our Team is Your Team.

What makes Simply Money Advisors different is we’re a team that partners with you. Because when everyone on a team plays to their strengths, you, our client, gain the most.

With Simply Money Advisors, you’ll have access to a full team of financial planners and can call them whenever you have a question, a concern about your money or when you’d like to come in and just talk. A partnership is built on frequent communication. We'll surround you with a team to work with and get to know, people that will help empower and educate you. A team of financial advocates helping to protect your money and make it grow.



Pictured L-R FRONT: Richard Mayer, Principal Financial Advisor, CFP®; Joyce Kesselring, Financial Advisor, CFP®; Britton Riley, Associate Advisor; BACK - Kim Wilson, Client Service Specialist; Paul Erskine, Sr. Client Service Specialist; Andrew Shafer, Associate Advisor, AAMS®.

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Pictured L-R FRONT: Alex Scott, Financial Advisor, CFP®; Cindy Rogers, Financial Advisor, CFP®; BACK - Julie Wade, Sr. Client Service Specialist; David English, Client Service Specialist; Stephanie Bemerer, Associate Advisor.



Pictured L-R FRONT: Karen Imhoff, Associate Advisor, CFP®; BACK - Steve Milby, Client Service Specialist; Michael Coates, Financial Advisor, CFP®; Steve Sprovach, Principal Financial Advisor, CFP®.

The Simply Money Point.

Simply Money Advisors is your trusted financial planning partner and retirement specialist. Contact us for your personalized financial plan.

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